This is your year to create growth 
and consistent income for your business. 
Chances Are...
You've been leaving money on the table and you are 
OVER-READY + OVERDUE to put more revenue...more PROFIT in your pocket. 

You have a vision for your life, and your purpose requires that you build a sustainable legacy.

So, if You...
Want to gain clarity around your purpose,
Want to move from dreaming about the life you could have… 
to the reality of living your dreams every day

Then you're in the right place.
Just ask Chivonne...

My Business Has Grown Exponentially...

“The academy was such a blessing to my company. And I can tell you from experience that jaha Knight doesn’t just give you ideas and checklists, she actually gives you the meat and potatoes on how to run your business. She provides you wonderful outlines of the things you should be thinking about when it comes down to the operations of your business - how to do the actual processes and how to think like a business owner. Her program had no fluff. Pretty much, you worked hard and when you work hard, you accomplish what you want you want to accomplish in your business. She is a woman who truly cares about her clients and she was always accessible to us. She always asked wonderful questions and she challenged our thinking. Many a time she challenged our beliefs in our ourselves and she made us grow. She is an honest, caring and open individual with a big and kind heart. That is one reason why I support SA. In the past 6 months my business has grown exponentially, I have established my business operations, I have grown my audience, I have also increased my sales and I’ve realized my value and worth as a business owner.The experience I’ve had in Soulphisticated Academy has been a major blessing, a major stepping stone and if you’re ready to take charge of your business and get your life together, you need to sign up today. ”
- Chivonne HyppoliteEvent Execution Expert
Chivonne Hyppolite
  • Gain step-by-step training on the technical aspects of your business
  •  Create an action plan designed to help you build a sustainable and profitable business
  •  Develop your go-to-market strategy 
  •  Craft your ready-to-profit product and service blueprint  
  •  Brand your brilliance, market your genius and motivate your target audience with your message. 
  •  Gain the confidence to plan and execute your exit strategy from your job.
  •  Learn how to open and close sales conversations with success.
  •  Increase the quantity and quality of qualified leads in your business.
  •  Stop treating your business like a side-hustle or a hobby. Learn how to set, meet and exceed your sales goals.
You want to create a brand that screams to the soul of your ideal client the moment they come in contact with it. 

That's why in Soulphisticated Academy we value
self-expression, freedom, intuition and authenticity when building a brand. 
So this isn't paint-by-numbers business branding.
In Soulphisticated Academy you learn the "why" and are trained on the "how" in building a business brand.

And yes, we know, we could offer the courses separately. But we've learned over the years that success in business is never just one thing. It's a planned and executed sequence of things. So we begin here...
Step Into Your Greatness
Step Into Your Greatness is a manual for living well.  It reminds you that you are the catalyst to someone else’s dreams. That's right, right now someone is waiting for you to have the courage to choose yourself so they can choose you. 

Get READY for some radical growth. 
Get READY for action + change. 
Get READY to SHIFT from struggle + lack to an abundance mindset.
These self assessment tools will provide you with the knowledge to stop undermining yourself and live in the abundance that you've been promised in the course of the miracle that is your life. 
Branding Blueprint
Someone is waiting for you to develop their breakthrough.

Branding Blueprint Makes It Easy To Develop Products And Services For Your Business. In this course, entrepreneurs just like create their operations plan and deliver it into practice. You develop clear solutions to your clients' problems so that you can make the most of your business potential. Your will:
Learn the Real Key to Finding Your Profit Bearing Revenue Streams, How To Master The Art Of Branding Your Business, Effortlessly Unravel The Jumble Of Ideas You Have To Gain Clarity In Your Business and Escape The Worry And Stress Of Trying To Figure Out All Of The Pieces That Go Into Starting A Brand.
Brand Market Serve
Your Brand in Action in the Marketplace
Someone is waiting for you to step into the power that is your brand.

In the Brand Market Serve Course you apply everything learned in Branding Blueprint to market your products and services.You will
Quickly Develop A Marketing Strategy That You Can Execute, Learn How to Leverage The power of Relationships, How to use media to Build Your Audience, the benefits of using Facebook Ads Effectively and How to Eliminate Tech Fear.
The Harvest
Conquer Sales
We often start out with a fantastic idea and we get a few sales. We think to ourselves, I'm in business, now! 
But it takes more than that to continue to make the business grow. It takes strategy, positioning, building relationships and knowing when to go in for the sale. 

Sales are a part of every business. The Harvest is a course that allows you to eliminate the "sales is a dirty word mindset" by understanding it and putting your business on a better footing with some 
in-depth sales training.
Brand Systems
Brand Systems
Work less when you deploy the systems of your brand. You didn't go into business to be the Chief of Everything. 

You went into business to do what you love and to make a difference. How do you do that and not spend every single moment working? You automate. 

In the brand systems course, learn how to hire, fire and develop brand loyalty with your front line employees, Learn how to automate key practices in your business. Implement systems that will insure you have more time for family and friends and spend less time completing repetitive tasks.
WE'VE CRACKED THE CODE ON BUSINESS SUCCESS and we want to share it with you...
It's visibility and a sales plan. 
It's a sales plan and a system.
It's a brand that is both visible and profitable. 
It's a growth and wealth mindset. 
It's coaching on the why and then training on the how. 
It's a blueprint for action and then ACTUALLY doing the work. 
It's a mastery of marketing, advertising and PR. 
It is a rich tapestry of fellow leaders, strategic partners and potential clients.
It's you taking action...Now


“What sets Soulphisticated Academy apart from other programs out there is a community of other like-minded women who come together with the purpose of establishing a business that truly meets the needs of the ideal client and at the same time runs to it’s fullest capacity and efficiency. I have grown so much in the Academy due to the knowledge that I have obtained through learning under jaha Knight. Before starting the Academy, I already had some work with jaha Knight and I knew Soulphisticated Academy was just what I needed to take my business to the next level. I’ve learned the importance of having systems in place to insure that your business runs efficiently. From learning how to set up a customer’s journey from the first time they interact with you til the day they decide to become your client. I learned how to look at my financials and set up systems to keep my accounting part of my business in place. In addition to truly being able to communicate what my company does and how to design programs that will truly meet the needs of my clients.

It doesn’t get any better than being in the Soulphisticated Academy. It’s comprehensive, it’s deep. jaha Knight's program allows you to learn intricate details about how your business is supposed to run. As an educator we sometimes talk about how we teach wide but not deep. Well this program goes deep, it covers a lot but it goes deep. It’s not a surface type of learning experience. 

The Soulphisticated Academy has allowed me to now create a better business..”

Tiffany Kelly, Fitness & Health Coach


“My journey in Soulphisticated Academy has been absolutely incredible. When I first started off, my business was just a dream. It wasn’t something that was viable at the time and when I became a part of the Academy, it helped me flesh out my business to actually develop it and I’m still creating products. That’s what Soulphisticated Academy has done for me. I believe what sets it apart from other programs is you get a wealth of information. It’s not someone just telling you different things to do, giving you lots and lots of papers and telling you to just do this. It’s jaha who comes in and actually works with you. She’s telling you step-by-step and she’s helping you grow your business and create these products. She’s giving you a blueprint of what to do so it’s not just a bunch of fluff, she’s actually working with you and the goal is to see us, her students become great business women. The biggest insight I gained about my business is I can actually be in business. Getting rid of all that self-doubt and all of that negative talk. Believing that I do have something to offer the world and believing that I have something great that is of great value and not just saying I want to be in business. I’m actually in business.”

- Harriette Gibbs
Create real move-the-needle results for your brand. Stop spending money on a piece of a solution here + a piece of a solution there. The Soulphisticated Academy provides FULL step-by-step guidance so that this year, you can truly step into your greatness.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is Soulphisticated Academy Refundable?
Purchases for digital courses are considered final.
Does this Work?
How is the Course Delivered?
You have access to a private portal that will deliver the training to you immediately once you begin your investment. You will have audio, video and workbooks.
What Will I Be Working on?
You will be working on building a business brand, marketing it using online and offline strategies, sales techniques and creating an automated system of lead generation, follow up and sales between your softwares. 
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