You're an Entrepreneur Who Wants to Grow Your Business
Sell More Products, Make More Money
...And You Know It's Finally Time to Learn How to Leverage Facebook to Drive More Traffic, Leads and
Clients into Your Business...
And  that's great.
Because if you want to fill your appointment book with very Real clients, Sell more units of your product, or even if you just want to Tie your ad spend to direct results, then this is the most important message you'll read all year!

Here's why...

didn't go into business to be your city's best kept secret...
You went into business to do more of the important work, to build a legacy worth leaving and to develop a great relationship with the people you want to serve. 

But right now...
You're working too hard. And...
You're only getting spurts of new clients.
You're tired of going to networking events and conferences hoping you're putting yourself in the right place to meet them. 

Quite frankly....You want to bring in clients, now!

Dotti felt this way too and now she's saying...

Our Business Has Skyrocketed with the Use of Facebook Advertising

FB Ads for Business...What can I say? I have used the strategies from the course for a number of my products. Those strategies helped me learn the basics and figure out when to invest more in ads and when to put on the brakes. With the last product we launched, not only did we sell $4,938 worth of product in 48 hours but at the end of the campaign, we earned a 300% ROI on our campaign!

We were growing so slowly before but now our business has skyrocketed with the use of Facebook advertising. We’ve blown past our monthly goal and it looks like we’re on track to go beyond the annual goal. This really is magnificent. It’s way more than I thought we could ever do in revenue.

– Dotti Lewis, Denite Design

She realized that every minute she waited to find a solution, she was missing out on customers who were looking for what she offered...

Is that what you're realizing, too?
I Understand the Space You're in Because a Few Years Ago, 
I Was Right There With You...

I'm jaha Knight and I'm a Branding Amazon.

A few years ago when I became a full-time entrepreneur, I looked for ways to grow my business. I tried different things - direct mail, radio, television and magazines. A year into the journey, I stumbled onto Facebook. I started playing around with it and trying to figure out why everyone was raving about the results they'd get. Then I finally cracked the code. I saw what I'd been doing wrong and hurried to fix it. Within days the campaign began generating revenue. Then I stepped it up a notch and we made so much more. 

Since then, Facebook ads have become my number one source of traffic and leads. From low products to high dollar services... When I began offering it as a service to my clients, I saw their businesses take off, too. I began realizing that it would work for most businesses and I began working for companies to help them implement and guess what we found...?

FB Ads for Business Is the Pipeline to Your Next Best Client...
In my digital agency, we've used this pipeline to help clients like you: 

  • Start generating an income right away...
  • Sell low, medium and high ticket items to customers....
  • Automate your customer acquisition process...
  • Stop working so hard to find new clients every month...
  • ... and much, MUCH more!
When we turned on the inbound ad campaign for Denmar Construction Group, these were the results. 

Call after call after call into his business to redeem his offer!

I've advertised before on sites like Angie’s List and I've dabbled with google ads and they brought in a little business but alot of them weren't in our target audience.  

When jaha told me about Facebook ads and then worked with us to test then tweak them, it was bananas. We booked out our entire calendar for July and August, closing $470,954 in new business for my constrution company. At the peak, we had four crews running on different jobs at once.  jaha’s teaching style and course content were excellent. Pair that with the personal attention she provided in our consult sessions and it was invaluable.

-Edwige Clark
Denmar Construction Group

Every minute you wait, your competition gains more advantage over your business and they gain more market share... 
They are walking away with clients that could have been yours. 
FB Ads for Business course is going to give you the skills you need to erase the ceiling on your earning potential
During this course:
You'll discover how to find extremely qualified buyers to purchase your products and services.... 

You don't have to find another Facebook ads solution. 
You're saving more time with this course than you would trying to figure out how to create a campaign on your own. 

You'll create your campaigns step-by-step while looking over my shoulder. You will be able to minimize the tech curve. 

You'll have a lot more potential clients in your business pipeline when you start running your Facebook ad campaigns 
There are 11+ Laser Focused Video Tutorials so that you can best use this training to get more traffic, more leads and more clients.

Module 1 - The Fascination Advantage Strategy 

Developing the best plan of action to achieve your goals.
Value: $697

Module 2 - Quick Start Fundamentals

An overview of setting up your campaign.
Value: $397

Module 3 - The Proof is in the Pixel

Learn how to properly set up your pixels for maximum campaign impact.
Value: $197

Module 4 - Campaign Clarity

Learn about the Ad types and objectives and when to use each of them.
Value: $397

Module 5 - Audience Tracking + Conversion

Step-By-Step details on how to track your audience
Value: $197

Module 6 - Retargeting for Profits

Get the most up-to-date information on how to retarget your traffic properly.
Value: $297
Facebook Ad Glossary
This glossary will share with you all the lingo you need to know to understand the the metrics of your ad performance.

Value: $47

Facebook Ad Copy

Affirmations for the soul-centered lady
Infuse the right thoughts (in this case; success thoughts) into your mind to help you attract the success that you desire. If you want to attract success, happiness, peace, love and joy - you have to think success. '

Value: $47

Quick + Dirty Design Training

10 minutes or less and you'll be up and running with your campaign graphics. 

Value: $97

Training Day Workbook

Want to increase your understanding of Facebook ads? Then you want the training day workbook. The value of this alone is worth the investment of the whole program! 

Value: $97
And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about throwing your money away trying to 
figure out how Facebook Advertising works ever, again!

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like most customers won't know
what you have to offer because they don't know you exist.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "FB Ads for Business" in less than a week.

So, if you want more clients, understand this:
  •  It doesn't take long to learn and you can turn your business around in a short amount of time...
  • Facebook has over 1 billion users. You can leverage this platform to gain an unlimited number of clients....
  •  Start creating long term results for your business...
  • Create the life you expected to live when you became an entrepreneur...
  • And "FB Ads for Business" holds the key to your success for you to gain more clients.
Go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying more clients, more revenue...and more growth in your business.
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Purchases for digital courses are considered final.
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How is the Course Delivered?
You have access to a private portal that will deliver the training to you immediately once you begin your investment.
What Will I Be Working on?
You will be working on automating your marketing using Facebook ads as one of your traffic sources.
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