Triple Your Traction Workshop
Join jaha for a 3-Hour Live Workshop...for just $97!
"The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create it."  - Abraham Lincoln
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*This retails for $1697, but we are offering this workshop to you at this lowered investment to help you gain more traction with your business!

May 16, 2017

1:30 pm EST
Peachtree City, Georgia

May 20, 2017

11:00 am EST
Create A Compelling Offer
Capture More Leads
Convert Leads into Paying Clients
 Digital Marketing Strategies To Bring Consistent 
New Leads into Your Business
Get-it-Done Activities to Automate Your Marketing in this 3-Hour Workshop
Get-It Done Workshop

You often hear that people make money while they sleep but you have no idea how that happens. This workshop will help you to create all the elements necessary to automate the marketing in your business so you can also make money while you sleep. This isn't a get-rich-quick workshop. It is a "Get-the-Work-Done" to set up a marketing system that works workshop.

Win on a New Level 

Are you sending people to a Facebook page or website but they aren't contacting you? 

In a Triple Your Traction Workshop, you'll create a compelling offer, email system and online marketing funnel. Make your business more effective by using the tools and strategies shared during this day. 

Earn more money from your Business

These 3 systems will help your aspiring, emerging or established business grow - on autopilot.

You may be posting a few times a day in Facebook groups, sharing with friends and family or marketing to crickets on your Facebook business page....

You may even be sharing all over Instagram and snapchat. You get a little bit of results but it's not consistent enough to really grow a business...

Cut through all of the confusion to create the results you really want.
Get Your Seat Now.
These Triple Your Traction Days Fill Up Fast!

Imagine if you could double or triple your business revenue without spending more time spinning your wheels. How would that change your life?

What If...

You had a step-by step, proven plan  of action for finding clients, increasing your revenue and doing more of what you love? 

What If...

Each Step you completed instantly delivered measurable results you could celebrate?

What If...

You woke up every single day with leads, sales and new interest in what you are creating in the world?
That Would Be Fantastic, Wouldn't it?

Well that's What a Triple Your Traction Workshop will do for you. 

You will Work on the 3 Critical Components to Grow Your Business... FAST.
In one 3-Hour Work day I will share exactly how to create an action plan using the exercises and tools we provide. Plus you will have execution time to implement what you are learning. 

- You want to serve others with your expertise
- You have been trying to figure out how to reach      beyond friends and family
- You've learned a lot of theory but you aren't sure of  what to do NOW

Cut through all of the confusion to create the results you really want in your business.
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