Sunday, January 21, 2018

4pm EST - Scandal Season 7

Team Scandal Podcast

Is back! And after 5 seasons of bringing you the best in Scandal Podcast recaps, we're ready to jump into another season of fandom and fun.

Join co-hosts Katrina Pavela, Elde'a Harris, Langstan Smith and jaha Knight as they discuss each scene, each character and every Olivia Pope jacket that we've ever seen swish across our television sets. 

Get your popcorn ready and chill your wine, because it's going to be a bumpy ride as we go head to head during each episode in conversation, clarification and all the sweet spots in between.

You'll gain a different perspective about Scandal listening (in this case watching) the Scandal Fan Podcast as we laugh, snipe and generally enjoy ourselves sharing with you our feels about ABCs hit tv show, Scandal.

Katrina Pavela

Scandalologist and 1/2 of the super duo known as KALA
 She has a couple of smarty pants degrees, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Scandalology, with an emphasis on the truth and consequences of the #Olitz relationship. When not spilling her feelings about Scandal on Tumblr, she puts her degrees to use in world class cultural institutions.

Elde'a Harris

Scandal Super Fan
#GladiatorInASuit since day 1.

Langstan Smith

Scandal Sleuth, Shade Assassin and 1/2 of the super duo known as KALA
Since the premiere of Scandal on April 5, 2012, I have been an avid and voracious fan of the series. I was hooked from day one, scene one of Season One’s Episode 1: “Sweet Baby” it was obvious that this show had its own cadence and pace. You either got on and held on or got “bucked” off before the ride even started...

jaha Knight

I've been mumbling into my microphone about Scandal since S2 and along the way I've met and joined forces with an amazing community of fellow Scandal Fans. I love the show, the pacing and the characters. I've even grown to understand the necessity of B6-13 and Jake...Still glad Harrison is gone. #RIPToeTag
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